Wednesday, June 18, 2008

spoon - les dernières nouvelles

I'd signed up for the 'winery package' which entitled me to a bottle of wine (we chose their pinot noir) and a cheese/fruit platter. This platter was incredible. An entire wedge of brie, partly melted was placed in the center and surrounded by grapes, apples, and a variety of crackers...yum...melty brie.

It was then time to go to the show!! The weather was spectacular and I was steps away from the hotel, beer sheds/pubs, a winery, a few restaurants, this place was paradise. .

After the show, friends and I went to the Black Rabbit, the main restaurant at the hotel. All I wanted was greasy calamari, it was pretty good. The lemons were deep-fried with the calamari to give it a really nice flavor.

Breakfast the next day (which was included in the package!) was DELISH! I had a smoked salmon hash (I'm a sucker for hash!) which came with roasted potatoes/smoked salmon topped with 2 poached eggs, creme fraiche with chive, and rye toast - served with homemade currant jam....I'm salivating just thinking about it. Since my recent trip to France, I want everything to be topped with an egg...makes for such a cheery meal.

The Edgefield/McMinenans offer SO much for your buck, I've never been let down.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is going to be great! Not only will I be eating like the queen that I am (yeah right), but Spoon will be playing on our hotel grounds!! This place is an amusement park for grown-ups!! This McMenamins has 2 restaurants, a brewery, a winery, and a distillery!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

une autre découverte

Apparently almonds are good for you. They have protein and good oils. I eat them. Then I got tired of the same ol' salty nut business. What to do?

Enter Mrs. May's Almond Crunch!

They come in a variety of nut and seed and nut-seed-fruit combos, but I'm a simple girl.
Buy a small package at Tully's (who now sell more shit than coffee) or a huge bag at Costco.
In the nut department.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've always loved 'half-popped' popcorn, and always risked breaking teeth. Glad Corn is amazing, it's crunchy, salty, the kernels are gigantic, it's the best snack I've found in ages. I've only been able to find it at Whole Foods.