Monday, July 14, 2008

les burgers (écrit par:carrie sandvick)

I only accidentally decided to find a good burger after reading that a nearby joint had awesome burgers. It had all the usual red flags for me...stand-alone restaurant, across the street from a college campus, and listed greek food in addition to burgers. Listen, if I want greek food, I'll go get some. Just give me a burger for chrisakes! That place is called Stell's. I didn't go there.

Instead, because my burger eating companion wanted a beer (and who am I to argue?), we went to Blue Moon Burgers. Despite flashing a couple red flags for me, it was on the same site that pumped up Stell's. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, and an IPA. Because this is not a beer blog, I will not give you my review of this not too bad, but not cold enough beer. Instead, I will tell you that the burger was big (plus), the bacon and cheese were both bacony and cheesey (plus plus), but the meat itself was not especially flavorful (minus) and was grey in color (minus?). My burger companion informed me that beef is not actually red like you see in the grocery store. It is in fact injected with dye. This natural beef was probably not dyed. Hmm. I'll take the dye just to feel better about a burger that has a color.

We sat outside on the patio and wanted to steal the beer glasses, but didn't. Pussies. The fries were really good, but couldn't eat many 'cause the burger was so big. Shoulda shared. My burger companion commented that she will no longer be ordering fries, as they make her stomach feel funny. We all know what that means...she orders a salad and eats my fries.

Like I said, this burger quest was accidental. I have been on the hunt for some time now for the best bbq sandwich, along with my good friend K-Lo. We were pretty sure we had found it. Barbeque Beef Sandwich at the Old Town Pub in Ballard. Holy crap that's a tasty sammich! And then...I went to Pike Pub and Brewery downtown. I went for the beer, but found another contender for the best bbq sandwich. This one is pulled pork, very moist, and only a little sauce. Step aside, Old Town! Shitty fries, though. Just ask my companion...she had some of mine.

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