Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nouvelles découvertes

I was at EtsyRain over the weekend and got to see some beautiful things that were made right here in Seattle!

In no particular order, these are the ones that stood out:

Thea Starr  -  who makes these stunning hair accessories - I may have splurged.

greenbelts - who makes leather jewelery, dog collars, napkin rings..etc.  The rings are very cool.

Maluhia Designs - who makes the cutest bags and clothing for children.  I really wanted to buy this little scooter dress for my niece!

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated - make the cutest dolls I've ever seen out of recycled materials.  One of the bears was made out of old man golf pants.

Dave Sheely Designs - who makes super cool resin jewelery.  I'd run out of money at this point.

Mette - This wasn't at EtsyRain, but I love her work!  A friend of mine from Vancouver makes these ADORABLE little dresses for girls.

The next big show will be Urban Craft Uprising July 10 & 11 at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, don't miss it!!  This is just before my birthday, so if anybody wants to come buy some cool stuff, I wouldn't object!  lol

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  1. What fun finds! I adore Maluhia's scooter dress too. :) Thanks for digging my cuff Jeannette.


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