Tuesday, June 2, 2009

une nouvelle rotation sur le blog

Seeing as my favorite restaurant has always been MY HOUSE, I will begin reporting on the fabulousness which arises.

This will mostly me be bragging of my culinary talents.

What better way to start than CAROLINA BBQ! This is an acquired taste really, but so good!!! Pork stews/roasts/bbq's in vinegary juices 8-12 hours, then chopped to smithereens. Another spicy/vinegary concoction is whipped up for the final christening. YUM. Spread the pork in a bun and pour on the sauce.

This was accompanied by another vinegary dish. I really wanted a coleslaw, but not a disgusting mayonnaisy mess. I found a jicama slaw with a tangy/spicy dressing. Vinegar overload, there's nothing wrong with that. Wish I'd had a nice light beer to wash it down.