Friday, June 11, 2010

les choses que j'adore!

First off, I torture myself by this doing this, but I'm always looking at the adoptable dogs on Petfinder (listing of all animals in shelters across North America.)  This month, RONNY has melted my heart.

Next, I found this store through my endless hours of perusing my fave blogs.. link via The Kitchn.

Huset sells home goods, clothing, bags, kids stuff, etc...and my favorite part - the modern scandinavian designs... LOVE.

Huset, which means "the house" in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian is a one-stop shop for the best in modern scandinavian design. Huset offers a thoughtful collection of clean, clever, and contemporary items for modern living. In addition we also present designers, and design news for those of you that are interested to know more about what is going on in the Scandinavian design arena.
Huset is "the house" for the savvy design enthusiast; bringing together the rare and unusual of today's visionaries plus the time-tested scandinavian icons of design, directly to your front door. Our search for more individual, design oriented products has yielded a collection which includes furniture, gifts, accessories, textiles, jewelry, clothing, kids items, fine art and objects for the home; featuring the works of more than 60 scandinavian designers. On our yearly return to scandinavia, we're committed to search out and bring you emerging designers and trends for you to discover as well.
Scandinavia has long been known for it's great design heritage; using natural materials to create classically elegant yet very contemporary style, with simple but comfortable refinement. We believe that great art and design are incredibly life-enhancing. Our passion is making great scandinavian design accessible, inspiring, functional and exciting.

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