Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tucson 2010

I needed all the sunshine I could get and I got it!  Seattle has seen the WORST spring, and now getting into summer, in my books.  The weather folks are predicting that June will be one of the wettest on record...great.  So, you see, Tucson was a much needed break from the gloom.

We had daily temperatures of 100+ degrees, evening temperatures of 85+ degrees, night temperatures in the mid-70's.  That's perfection - for me.  Dry heat and warm evenings.  Upon arrival I headed straight to the pool. Read cooking memoirs in my chaise lounger, sipped gin and tonics, and just basked.  The rest of my time was more of the same - a much needed rest - much needed vitamin D and heat - it was very difficult to come home (until I found out that I had magically been whisked into first class!!)

Here are some glimpses of my lovely vacation...

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